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| Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon was screened throughout Asia for 3 weeks and it managed to collect more than HK$10000,000 in the box office in its first 6 days of screening in Hong Kong. The film was also the top 3 grossing movie when it was screened in Mainland China, Taiwan and Korea in its first weekend. Director Daniel Lee was touched of the result thus he fork out money to treat the crew members and cast for a celebration meal, Vanness Ng specially jet in from Taiwan to attend the dinner.

Daniel Lee expressed that he was surprised of the box office takings of the movie in all countries, he said: "I always have confidence in the film. During the post production, I feel that this film would one of those that would represent my career, with regards to how much the film will collect at the box office, I really don't dare to think about it, because there is many elements to decide whether the box office is high or low, I just hope that the good reviews will allow the box office taking to continue to climb." Actually the director had decided on shooting a sequel, he expressed: "When writing Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, I already have a thinking of another Three Kingdom story. There are many exciting battles in Three Kingdom, the most unforgettable character is not only Zhao Zilong, thus I hope to film sequel of these period legends."

Andy Lau said: "Daniel is a director that I admired, when shooting Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, I knew that he faced a lot of problems which includes money and the actors' schedule, now his dream finally came true and gained a result, I'm very touched." Actually during shooting Andy did gave the director a very crazy suggestion, he said: "I know the director is a Three Kingdom fan and plan to film several other Three Kingdom films, then I suggested to him that to cast me as one Three Kingdom character one after another, first I'm Zhao Zilong, followed by Liu Bei, Kwan Gong, I want to see how many characters that I can be. However, many audience whom had watched this movie had told me that my acting had yet again improve when compared to The Warlords, this makes me to think that I'm really a 'shi li pai' actor rather than an idol."

news from: Wei Wen Po, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News, Ta Kung Po