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| Wednesday, April 16, 2008

In 1997, Andy Lau was location shooting for the movie Island of Greed in Taiwan and was alleged to cause damage to the rented helicopter thus the helicopter rental company Daily Air Corporation filed a lawsuit seeking for more than HK$3000,000 from Andy, Win's Entertainment Ltd. (formerly known as China Star Entertainment Group) and the producer of the film. The case had a result yesterday as Andy would need to fork out HK$1300,000 for the repair of the helicopter but China Star feel that the judgment is not fair thus decided to appeal.

The case first open in the courts in March 2004, the lawsuit lasted for 4 years to investigate the reason behind the crashing of the helicopter. The lawyer of Daily Air Corporation requested Andy to appear in the court but the judge think that the evidence is enough thus Andy need not appear in the court room.

The pilot of the helicopter during the shooting exclaimed in the court room that he did told Andy not to touch the control knob of the helicopter but Andy still touched it during shooting thus resulting the helicopter to dive and the helicopter was damaged when it hit the banner on the ground. From the words of the pilot, the judge confirm that it's due to Andy's negligence thus resulting the helicopter to be damaged, thus Andy would need to pay the cost of repairing the helicopter, however the helicopter is rented by the producer and Win's Entertainment Ltd., they could also pay for the repair on behalf of Andy.

Spokeswoman from China Star expressed in a telephone interview: "The company feel that the judgment is strange, on the day of shooting, other than renting of the helicopter, we did request a pilot as guide, we followed to his instructions while on the helicopter, so why do we need to pay for the damage? This matter is not related to the actor, I think it's an unfair judgment, we'll be appealing."

Meanwhile, Andy answered through his assistant that he would not comment on this matter.

news from: Apple Daily News, Ming Pao