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| Thursday, July 31, 2008

Organized by Metro Broadcast, 2008 Metro Guo Yu Li Music Awards was successfully held at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 30 July 2008, this is the only music award presentation ceremony that musicians from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China battled against each other.

When compared to the previous four presentation ceremonies where heavenly king Andy Lau dominates, it's a difference situation as he did not attend this year's ceremony. Eason Chan was the most outstanding with 5 awards, most of the singers won 2 awards each which includes S.H.E, Show Luo, Josie Ho, Ivana Wong, Soda Green, Anthony Wong, Gary Chaw, Guang Liang, Elva Hsiao and Irene-A. This does not avoid people refer it as distributing of the awards.

As the award ceremony is held in Hong Kong, most of the winners are Hong Kong singers. Those of higher popularity like Eason Chan, Joey Yung, Anthony Wong, Andy Lau and Twins were well taken care of.

Andy had won 2 awards which includes World's Top Stage Performer and Top Singer awards.

news from: Sina.com