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| Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Andy Lau whom will be holding his concert in Taipei Arena this coming 21 and 22 November, even though he was location shooting with Shu Qi in Mainland China, he's already preparing himself and maintained his body, because he's a perfectionist. For every night after 1900 hours, he would not eat anything related to flour and eat only meat. He's also jogging and working out in the gym in hope to perform in his best shape. The organizer revealed that Andy would also be rehearse dancing in the later stage, Taiwanese would be able to see Andy's 6 abs muscles!

Andy had invested NT$2.5 billion on the stage which allows him to "drop from the sky", exciting magic performances will also be included, his beloved Andox and Blackie will also have special performance. Andy will be presenting a different kind of concert with several different elements included. Patty Hou who is a huge fan of Andy for many years also expressed that she will go watch her idol personally.

Fans kept calling the hotline ( (02) 23419898) to make enquiries, the organizer expressed that tickets for the Taiwan concert will start selling on 4 August 1200 hours, fans can buy the tickets from ERA Tickets (http://www.ticket.com.tw/).

news from: Apple Daily News Taiwan, udn news