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| Friday, August 01, 2008

Since 1992's Casino Tycoon and Casino Tycoon 2, Andy Lau and Shu Qi's Looking for a Star will be another love story based on the love story of Stanley Ho and his fourth wife Angel Leung as its story blueprint. It will be their first collaboration after 7 years.

At the film's press conference yesterday, Shu Qi declare her love to Andy as she said: "Andy is a gentleman and very caring, it touches me till I fall in love with him and wanted to be married to him."

Andy, Shu Qi, Denise Ho, Chinese actor Zhang Han Yu, director Andrew Lau and Media Asia boss Peter Lam attended the press conference of new film - Looking for a Star at Macao's MGM Grand.

Sponsors Cartier and Giorgio Armani senior staffs also attended. The cast all wore Giorgio Armani suits, Shu Qi wore cleavage showing dress, a $1400,000 Cartier necklace and $3.75 million watch. As Shu Qi will be wearing a $5000,000 6 carat diamond ring, the sponsor had arranged 4 security guards to protect her during shooting.

In Looking for a Star, Andy is a millionaire as he fall in love with casino dealer Shu Qi whom also loved tap dancing, thus he went ahead to woo her in full force. As Stanley's fourth wife Angel also love tap dancing, once a dancing instructor, she met Stanley in a dance party, thus it makes one wonder if the story of the film take their story as blueprint, but director Andrew Lau said: "I'm inspired from Noting Hill and Pretty Woman, I didn't think so much of the others."

At the press conference, Shu Qi express her love for Andy in public, she said: "Andy is a gentleman and very caring, it touches me till I fall in love with him and wanted to be married to him." As Andy is alleged to have a girlfriend Carol Zhu for many years, the reporters told Shu Qi that marry to Andy is impossible, Shu Qi quipped: "Thus I will enjoy the time together with Andy during shooting."

With regards to Shu Qi falling in love with him, Andy quipped: "I also fall in love with her." When reporters said that this is impossible, he quipped: "Is it? Don't worry, we have lots of time, ask her not to worry." Andy was asked of what tactics he used to woo woman, he quipped that he would need to learn from Peter Lam.

The film is refreshing to Andy as he had not being a rich man for a long time thus he had already forget the feeling of being rich, he said: "It doesn't matter because I have a role model in Peter Lam, I can find the feeling from him."

It's being a long time that Andy fall in love in a film as he met the cheerful and cute Shu Qi, he said: "When I see her at the set everyday, if she's unhappy, I don't dare to talk to her, when see her pressurize, I will go to her and ask her about everything, luckily she didn't bother me."

Andy said that the shooting of Looking For A Star is the most relaxing film for him in the past 10 years, as he said that he need not nurture any chemistry with Shu Qi in order to make her feel relaxed. She said: "Andy gave me many guidance and opinions, he had his own opinion of the film, he gave me many tips."

Andy said he feel that it's very comfortable shooting Looking For A Star, but it's a bit strange when shooting the scene where he gave Shu Qi the 6 carat ring, because it tends to rain every time shooting that scene, thus a fake ring is used and shot from distance.

With regards to earlier reports of him directing Lam Ka Wah how to act, Andy clarify: "I've no problems with him, we've just discussing how to act, we discussed about everything, we're happy throughout shooting, if you don't believe me you can go and ask Ka Wah, we had tally what we should said, he will know how to answer this question."

Being a Eligible Bachelor in the film which is what he is in real life, everyone is anxious of when he will get married especially best friend Tony Leung whom recently married with Carina Lau, when asked if he had any feeling of Tony and Carina? Andy burst into laughters and said: "What feeling? Actually Carina and me were a couple, now they got married then I have feelings? This is impossible!" After joking, he said his congratulations to the couple, he said: "It's heart warming, it's like my relatives getting married." When asked if he had considered ending his bachelor life, he replied: "I'm just saying that I'll reveal when its the time to tell everybody, I will also receive everybody's blessing, it's not now."

When talked about Tony's wedding, did he gave him any present. Andy said: "I'm considering what should I give him." He expressed that he searched for Tony's photo online and representing the other Tigers to write some blessing for them and posted it on his personal blog. With regards to Tony who did not invite him to attend their wedding, Andy said: "Even if he invite me I also don't dare to go, because I'll be chased around by others. I don't feel that he's petty for not inviting me, I'm also not petty for not giving him any present, I'm really happy for him. Why reporters like to make us looked so distance."

When asked about his views on Li Ya Peng (Faye Wong's husband) hitting reporter in Bangkok Airport, he said: "No matter what, I still agree with him, I feel that the media should forgive him. It's a known fact that his daughter has a little deformation on her face, why make a fuss out of it?" Andy expressed that he did see a close up front view of Li's daughter photo, he feel that the reporter should not do this. He said: "Hitting someone is wrong, but on the angle of Li Ya Peng, there is no way to stop such actions, it's really difficult." When asked if the incident happened to him, what would he do? He said: "I'll also lost control of myself and have the same actions as him. Although I wish I would not do this, I think I would do the same if being pushed to the limit."

Andy also revealed that a special hobby of his , that is collecting 2 carat diamonds. He said: "I loved diamonds, but just the small ones, it can be bought easily. I loved to look at diamonds, thus I will spend some money to buy small diamonds and keep, this should be considered as an expensive hobby. Other than this, I'm no different to other people. It's the same as investing in films without consideration, sometimes the money cannot be earned back." Since he's collecting diamonds, when asked how many carats the diamond that he would be giving to his wife, would it be the same more than 10 carats that Tony gave to Carnia? Andy said: "I would give her a few 2 carats diamond. This is not an issue of big or small carats, I can give her one annually." Andy seized the chance to joke with reporters.

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