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| Saturday, November 08, 2008

Ever since becoming popular, to prevent any problem, Andy Lau had seldom stepped into places with many people. However when he was location shooting with Shu Qi for Looking For A Star in the streets of Macao, thus they seize the chance to become tourists as they walked around to taste the food, from the stalls to the stores.

Andy also wanted to play the egg roll machine but the female boss shouted: "Please don't touch the machine!" Making a living is important thus she never give face even to heavenly king!

Andy Lau and Shu Qu are a couple in the movie Looking For A Star, it is alleged that the story used the true love story of Stanley Ho and his fourth wife as blueprint, thus most of the scenes are shot on location in Macao.

Earlier, they location shooting at Rua do Cunha, although its their first collaboration, but their mischievous behavior has their chemistry, as they seize their free time to try out the food of the respective stalls.

With the arrival of the stats, the stall owners of course welcome them as they waved for them to try out their food, they also took photographs of them to attract customers. Andy had a wide appetite as he tried dried roasted pork, peanut sweets, ginger sweets, almond biscuits, love letters and many others. During his food tasting, he was surrounded by many auntie fans, resulting the store jam packed with people.

news from: Sudden Weekly issue #693

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