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| Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Andy Lau will be bringing his children Andox and Blackie for a large scale contract signing press conference at Beijing's Happy Valley OCT Theater to announce their entrance into the Mainland China showbiz. Andox and Blackie will be singing and dancing for the first time.

Do you like to get close to heavenly king superstar Andy Lau? Do you know that Andy had two very cute children? Do you want to witness heavenly king's children first appearance after entering showbiz?

Andy & Andox Blackie contract signing press conference organizer specially prepared precious tickets for fans of Andy to get close with Andy, Andox and Blackie. Come get the tickets quick! Tickets are on sale now!

How to get the tickets?

Just mail over what you wanted to say to Andy, Andox and Blackie to us, write down your real name, contact number and email address, our staff will inform you the time and place to collect your tickets.

email to : liudhqiangpiao@sina.com
duration: 9 - 27 December 2008

news from: sina.com