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| Thursday, December 11, 2008

The heavenly king is here! Andy Lau will be staging his concerts on this Friday and Saturday, all tickets had been sold out, the tickets had been selling in the black market for as high as SIN$800!

Andy Lau will be staging his Andy Lau Wonderful World Tour 2008 on 12 and 13 December in Singapore, the response for both concerts had been good as all 14000 tickets were sold out within one month it went on sale. No more tickets are available, this allow netizens to seize the chance to sell off their tickets at high price. Currently on an auction site, a pair of tickets are selling at $800. Among them, one netizen is try his luck by selling a pair of tickets worth $300 at $1000.

Actually the response for Andy's 15 nights concert in Hong Kong last year was also doing very well, then crew members received threatening calls from triads whom tried to buy the tickets and sold them off in the black market. Earlier some Mainland China fans whom fail to purchase any tickets even went to the venue to set fire, the charisma of the heavenly king is unbelievable.

The entourage which includes production team, dancers, makeup artistes, hair stylist and crew members are as many as 120. Other than security guards, the organizer Unusual also hire 6 bodyguards to protect Andy 24 hours, with such entourage, indeed is a heavenly king!

As Andy is currently busy with movies, concert tours and endorsements thus he's unable to come to Singapore to promote the concert, however Andy whom always adore his fans will take time off for a fan club gathering to get close with them when he's here for his concert.

For the concert, Andy had an insurance worth ten thousands of dollars for the stage and his crew members. The organizer revealed that Andy does not want to make it big for his trip to Singapore, thus all his flights to Singapore are kept secret, keeping a low profile for his trip. The whole entourage will be staying in a 5-star hotel, other than rehearsal, he would be staying most of his time indoors. "He did not have any special request, never even mentioned what food he would like to eat, believe he will be dining inside the hotel, if he would like to order other food, we will packet back for him."

For the concert, the organizer had bought tens thousands worth of insurance, for the stage, the organizer said that it could be comparable to Rain, "The stage is huge, we need 5 days to set up the stage, the Japanese props are courier here from Taiwan, there is 7 different backgrounds, because of the huge stage, thus limited number of seats to be sold."

With the concert doing well, the organizer had been receiving calls from fans to enquiries: there will be 30 additional seats for each night. The organizer revealed that seldom concert tickets will be 100% sold out, only Jacky Cheung and A*mei achieved this last year, "The response is very good, even single seats are snapped up. We did consider of adding another night but it does not accommodate Andy and the crew members' schedule, too bad."

It is understand that other than Singaporean fans, overseas fans from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia will be also attending the concert. These overseas fans booked their tickets from Andy's Hong Kong management group, there are 2000 overseas fans.

With regards to the over the top online black market sale of the ticket, the organizer does not encourage and revealed that they intend to open 30 additional seats for each night, so be quick!

news from: omy, China Press