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| Saturday, December 06, 2008

According to reports from the latest issue of Three Weekly, Andy Lau whom had been in showbiz for 30 years but his marriage had always been a mystery, it's alleged that next year he could wed his alleged girlfriend Carol Zhu Liqian, the wedding will be held in a small island in Malaysia. When Andy's ex-girlfriend Yu Kexin was asked about Andy getting married, she said: "Whether Andy get married, I have nothing to say," and she also congratulate him.

When Andy's manager in Taiwan was contacted, she said that all these reports based on nothing, thus would not make any comments.

According to the report, Andy plans to wed Carol next year as he seek advice from Tony Leung and Carina Lau whom got married this year, asking them where should his secret wedding be held, the location will be a small island in Malaysia. An insider revealed: "I heard that Andy love Laguna Redang Island, however many Hongkongers know about this island, thus hard to escape the media attention, if wanted to get married, must find one remote hotel." When the magazine called Yu Kexin, she said: "I will be happy for him, it's about time, congratulations."

On his Taipei concert on 21 November, he suddenly asked his fans: "Do you think that idol can have girlfriend and get married?" Such actions is to test out the fans reaction, the fans were excited and also hope that their idol would tie the knot soon.

Andy later than said: "This is just for some live effects, its fun!" He hope that the reporters will not pursuit this matter as he had no wedding plans at the moment, with regards to Hong Kong media alleged that he would be getting married soon, he sighed and revealed that if he really getting married, he would announced it on his website.

news from: udn news, China Press Daily, Sina.com