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| Saturday, December 06, 2008

Andy Lau is currently location shooting Future Cops in Beijing, with the director Wong Jing and arts director Chan Siu-tong his friends of many years, Andy's professionalism could be ingratitude at times, as he asked Chan: "Does the future cops fight this way?" At time, he also make jokes of Wong Jing by saying: "With you, I even acted in your lousy films."

The shooting of Future Cops is currently on-going in Beijing's China (Huarirou) Movie & TV Industry Zone, being the male lead Andy had the burden of the box office takings. Film buyers from America paid them a visit these few days which put Andy under some pressure as he said: "Every films is my product, if it can be done better I will surely say it out, there will still be blind spot even for talented art director like Chan Siu-tong."

Earlier it was said that some American film companies approached him to be Bruce Lee, but the plans were shelved due to the current financial crisis, Andy said: "When people think of Bruce Lee, everyone think about fighting, but I would like to act out a Bruce Lee lacking of father love."

Andy expressed that he's a very wide person, he would like to try on all stuffs, he even read the script of Taiwanese drama Unforgettable, he would like to be the emperor of The Kingdom And The Beauty, he also added that it's correct for the emperor to forget of his lover. He feel that man changes with the environment, having another love life is normal. When asked about his own love life, he stressed: "I will not answer this question."

news from: Apple Daily News