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| Thursday, December 04, 2008

Two nights ago, Andy Lau rushed back to Beijing for the shooting of wong Jing's Future Cops, it was minus zero degrees but Andy still wore a tight fitting outfit for shooting.

When asked about not being nominated for this year's Golden Horse Film Awards and whether he would attend the award presentation ceremony in Taichung, he said: "I have filming commitments." Wong Jing whom was standing beside Andy added: "His two films The Warlords and Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon didn't got him nominated, why he should attend?" From our understanding, the work schedule of Andy for the next few days are empty with only the words "Golden Horse Film Awards" written, the movie company boss is willing to release him, but Andy still decide not to attend the ceremony.

Andy also asked the distribution boss of Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, Mr. Tsai if he had register him for the Best Actor award, when told that he was registered, Andy then asked: "Then why the Golden Horse Film Awards did not nominate me?" Even when Mr. Tsai explains, it seems Andy does not understand. Some reporters quoted that he's the media's pick for Best Actor, Andy then quipped: "I survive with this phrase for many years."

Meanwhile in the earlier media visit at Beijing's China (Huarirou) Movie & TV Industry Zone, Andy was shooting a live-death battle scene. In the scene, Andy need to under a 3 meters high, a few hundreds kilogram Buddha head, for this dangerous stunt, Andy refuse to use a body double.

The Buddha head was supported by several wires and several crew members kept it stable. In this scene, Andy will be standing in front of the Buddha head to fight with terrorist, when the director start the camera rolling, it can only be seen that Andy did a few movements then the Buddha head appear behind him from nowhere and land on top of Andy. To make the scene realistic, Andy insist not to use a body double. After each shooting, he also went to the monitor to check the shot footage, he even requested to re-shoot a few times, this shows that he was stomped by the Buddha head several times.

news from: Apple Daily News, Beijing Times