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| Monday, December 08, 2008

In the afternoon of 7 December, the yule.sohu team paid a visit to the Future Cops shooting at Beijing's China (Huarirou) Movie & TV Industry Zone.

They were shooting the wedding scene of Mike He and Zhang Li, it was a grand wedding with Andy Lau and Barbie Hsu among the guests of the wedding, Barbie even catches the bride's bouquet of flowers.

According to director Wong Jing, the scene they are shooting that day is towards the end of the movie, it will be a Happy Ending, however the villains cheated death and revenge during the wedding. Thus, there will be a wedding, throw the bride's bouquet of flower followed by car chase and explosion scenes, this can be considered as one of the important scene.

When the yule.sohu arrived, they were about to shoot the throw bride's bouquet scene.

It is very cold in Beijing during December, Andy, Barbie and Wong Jing all came prepared for their shooting in Beijing as they had thermal wear inside their clothes.

Although Andy seems to be wearing very thick but his movement is still agile, when he reach the set, he immediately go and look for his glove.

Even though it was their first collaboration, Andy and Barbie had high praise of each other. Barbie said that Andy was once her idol, to be able to collaborate with her idol is not too realistic to her, it's like back to her teenage days as in the movie her character admire and had a crush on Andy.

With regards to those comedy scenes, Andy also bring her into the part, they had good chemistry. Andy also expressed that it was great to be in a "love relationship" with Barbie, acting opposite her is comfortable. With regards to this fresh pairing, Wong Jing also sing praise of their chemistry, Barbie's emotional scene is handled better than he expected, she's a good actress.

When Barbie catch the bride's bouquet, it hints that she will be marrying Andy soon. However in real life, she quipped that she does not want to get married, because she had not found any one suitable, there is allegation that she had patched up with Vic Zhou, Barbie quipped: "There is no such things!"

In Future Cop, Xiu Jiao will be appearing as a girl for the first time, she was all dressed up for the wedding scene. Having Stephen Chow and Andy Lau as her father, she had a bright future and her experiences did show because when answering questions, she does not lose out to older artistes.

news from: yule.sohu.com