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| Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Future Cops is currently location shooting in Beijing. When Sina had a site visit on 27 December 2008. Barbie Hsu whom quipped that she would be so nervous till she could faint was shooting with Andy Lau, their chemistry can be seen. When talked about how close they get in the film, Andy sighed that it a big disappointment.

On the day of shooting, the crew were shooting the kidnapping scene of Andy and his daughter Xu Jiao and Barbie came to their rescue. All the actors were interviewed, Barbie whom was late for the interview session was neglected, Andy then seize the chance to introduce: "This is Xiao S." Barbie then coordinate with Andy by following up: "I'm Xiao S's elder sister, I'm Da S!" This allow everybody to feel the chemistry between two of them.

When being invited to be in the film, Barbie did exclaimed that she's unable to act normally opposite Andy at the beginning as it was like dreaming, before shooting starts she would need to get herself prepared, reminding herself not to faint. As the shooting get to mid point, although Andy is till her idol but the distance between them had disappear.

When talked about their love relationship scenes in the film, Andy said that this film focus on action, love is not the main content, because he had shot too many love films in the past. When asked if Andy gets to kiss Barbie, Barbie said: "Just hugging and kissing." Immediately Andy coordinate with her by sighing: "What a waste, what a waste."

With her sister having a blessed marriage, the media asked Barbie if she had found someone to protect her. Barbie was speechless as Andy immediately came to help her by saying: "This would have to depend on me!" This sentence helped Barbie as she said: "I'm going to faint again!"

Meanwhile, it was heard that for the upcoming Chinese New Year gala show, other than Jay Chou, Andy had confirmed his attendance to perform in the gala show.

news from: Sina.com