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| Monday, August 22, 2005

Media Asia's Wait Til' You're Older which starred Andy Lau, Felix Wong, Karen Mok, Lam Ka Tung and Cherrie Ying will be screened in Hong Kong on 29 September. The cast were busy shooting the poster of the movie, after the shooting, Andy personally helped Felix cut his hair as he quipped that he tried his best to bring back the youth and handsome look of Felix.

As both Andy and Felix graduated from TVB artiste training classes, Andy still remember that Felix was distributing the application form at the entrance when Andy went to enrol himself for the classes. When he saw how handsome Felix were, his confidence was gone as even the worker was as handsome as an artist that he think that he won't be selected. After being selected, Andy then found out that the handsome worker was just one class senior than him.

As Felix was Andy's father in the movie, thus he didn't dress up nor trim his hair, thus after the shooting was completed, Andy exclaimed that he'll help Felix cut his hair to return his past look. Despite crew members told him: "You're still around? Andy said that he'll give you a haircut, you're not scared?", Felix was not worried as his hair was cut by Andy several times and he had confidence in him as he exclaimed: "I'm not scared, my hair had being cut by master Lau a few times, he's good! He'll do a good job, I've confidence in him."

Felix revealed that Andy already started helping others to cut their hair during the training classes which helped them save some money. A delight Andy then referred himself as a hair stylist from a famous hair salon and not everybody get a chance to have their hair cut by him.

After the haircut, Felix do look refreshing which the crew members took their hats off to Andy's skill. Andy revealed that he like to help people cut their hair when he was studying secondary school. During recess or after school, he will help fellow classmate cut their hair, he charges 50 cents for trim on normal short hair while $1.50 for a longer trim. Then, he feel that being a hair stylist is handsome and stylo, thus he'll go to hair salon to learn during the summer holidays.

During the poster shooting, the photographer request Andy to wear the costume in the movie and photographed with the young actor but there was only one costume and had to take turns to wear, the photographer was surprised that Andy fit into the costume. Andy quipped: "That costume is OK, although just one size but the material is flexible thus still can withstand me. That trouser was really tight fitting but I'm embarrassed when I squat in it, meanwhile I also keep myself fit, if it was Felix, surely he won't fit into the costume. Haha!"

In between the shoot, Andy also teaches the children how to perform magic which stunned Karen.

In additon, director Chan Tak Sum had expressed that he had invited Hong Kong new wave comic author - Carrie Chau to help the movie to design a series of animation and posters to accomodate the promotion of the movie.

news from: Wei Wen Po, Apple Daily News, Ta Kung Pao, Sun News