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| Saturday, August 13, 2005

Jay Chou whom just had a dispute with paparazzi recently, heavenly king Andy Lau attended Variety Show Of Mr. Con And Ms. Csi. revealed that one a paparazzi kept tailing his father, he was so angry that he called and threaten the other party as he claim that he would hire someone to chop off his hand. Such exclaimation shocked compere Little S (Hsu Hsi-Ti) and Tsai Kang-Yung!

Andy whom had such EQ exclaim that he wanted to chop someone's hand, he explains: "They kept shooting my father, then he was exercising, if he's not careful he might fall off the slope, who will take responsibility! Then, I gave a call to their management, I told them - You can shoot me, but please don't invade my family member's privacy." With regards to paparazzi, Andy ways of handling is different, he says: "At the beginning, I would be friendly and asked for their identification cards, if they show me, I allow them to shoot, if not I'll hand over to the police to handle."

The production team then reveal a photograph of Andy 20 years ago, then he looked more meaty which is completely different from now, he quipped: "You at me in the photograph, you think I can be popular?" After some understanding, the person whom provide the photograph is CTI programme manager Cheng Wai Cheung as he was Andy's land lord. Cheng quipped: "Those whom stayed in my house will become popular." He expressed that he was the land lord of Johnnie To, Chow Yun Fat and Idy Chan before.

In addition, he also expose some of Andy's bad habits which include to sleeping inside the makeup room cupboard with Chow Yun Fat due to late filming and tend to laze on bed, "Whenever he laze on bed, he'll throw the alarm clock out of the window." Little S asked: "Did Andy bring his girlfriend home?" He quipped: "Of course, she's very pretty!"

Being his status of god-father to Little S's baby, Andy gave some baby products as present to her and had a dance number, Little S said: "I'm so fortunate, I could dance with such a handsome man." After the dance, she fall onto Andy and refuse to get up which result to those in the studio to burst into laughters.

news from: udn news