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| Saturday, August 13, 2005

Andy Lau's 80-years-old image in the movie Wait Til' You're Older was exposed as the trailer was released in the cinema yesterday. As his old image was kept under wrapped, some fans bought movie tickets just to see the trailer first hand in the cinema.

In the trailer, Andy slowly grow up as a small kid, from 10-20, to 30, 40, 45, 50, 60, 70 and 80-years old. Andy's fans sing praise of the trailer especially on the 80-years-old look as they can't even recognise that it's Andy.

Andy is delighted to know that his old looks was well recieved as his hardwork and efforts was not wasted. The makeup affected his skin as it is much more sensitive, after shooting the movie, his face is full of spots and refuse to recover. When checked with a doctor, the sensitivity of the skin will stick with him forever as it could not be treated fully. When asked of his 20-80 years old look, Andy prefer his 20-years-old look as he need not makeup or touch up. Whereas for 40-years old, he need to dye his hair white and keep a moustache, 60-years-old need to spent millions on makeup. He advise all to ask him to be 20-years-old as it's normal and handsome.

news from: MingPao, Sina.com