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| Sunday, August 07, 2005

For his latest album's autograph session, heavenly king Andy Lau return to Taipei again today (6 August), despite the hot weather, thousands of fans still present to show their support. Andy was sweat as though that he was raining while singing under the hot sun, some fans came and queue as early as 2:30 am, a young mother also brought her 8-months old baby to see her idol, enthusiastic fans jam packed Hsimending. Andy also seize the chance to distribute out the 200 red thread that he wished for during his visit to the moon god temple, wishing all fans could seek good marriage.

Heavenly king Andy wore a white T-shirt with jeans to attend his autograph session under the hot sun in the afternoon. Being not held an autograph session for a long time, Andy attracted thousands of loyal fans to support him as they jam packed Hsimending, some even came and queue as early as 2:00 am. A 21-years-old mother also brought her 8-months old baby to see her idol. Andy was delighted to see a baby came to support him. A 80-years-old granny was also present at the autograph session as Andy says: "The 80-years-old granny is Madam Wong, she adore me for a long time, a total of 70 years, can we be together for 20 years more? Is it enough? She said that it's enough."

However due to the downturn in record sales in recent years, whether Andy's first album in 3 years could breakthrough would depend on the extent of everybody's support. Concerned crew members also help to fan Andy, whom would feel that it's worth it with the sight of so many people jam packing Hsimending.

When asked how many copies of his album that he hope to sell, Andy asks his fans: "How copies could be sold in Taiwan? 200,000 copies?" The fans replied: "1000,000 copies!" Andy then follows: "1000,000 copies? All of you are crazy!"

The autograph session make the distance between himself and the fans closer, just autographing with the thousand of fans could already make Andy sweat as though he was 'raining'!

news from: Ettoday, TVBS News, TVB E-News