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| Friday, August 05, 2005

Andy Lau was at a Taipei's well-known temple where people go there to wish for romance, he wished for more than 1000 red thread from the moon god to be distributed to his fans during his autograph session as he hope everyone happy too.

Although there was a typhoon in Taipei yesterday, with the heavy rain in the morning, more than hundreds of media and fans still waited outside Cheng Huang Temple at Dihua Street, Andy didn't cancel his schedule due to the rain but he was drenched during the praying process. Andy quipped: "I delighted that it rain today, because it will rain whenever I'm promoting my album in Taiwan and it'll do well as it break the million mark! There's only once when there was no rain when I'm in Taipei, that when I'm in a lawsuit and couldn't release my album! Water symbolise luck, there's typhoon today, that's great! Hahaha."

Being his first time in a moon god temple, the temple's in-charge guided him on the procedure of praying to moon god before offering his incense sincerely, then he helped his fans to wish for red threads and need to make a round at the incense container thrice, when he was doing his rounds at the incense container, it create some commotion as there were many onlookers, Andy was also drenched. The temple in-charge gave Andy a pair of 'small shoe' wishing him to be a father soon, looking at the small shoe, Andy quipped: "I'm not married, thus won't be a father that quick."

When asked by a Taiwanese reporter that it was alleged that he was married and have children, what did he wished for from moon god? Andy smiles and answers: "This will tell everybody that I'm not married and not a father, all of you won't believe even if I said it 10,000 times, thus I'll be saying one more time infront of the moon god, I'm really not married and have no children."

The temple in-charge said that for those whom had prayed to moon god will have a good marriage soon, so is Andy waiting for it to happen? Andy says: "I'm not only praying for myself, I'm also praying for the fans, requested 1,000 red threads which I'll distribute in my autograph session, with me being blessed, I also hope everyone of my fans were blessed too. When the fans are married and have a lover, I'll then get married." With regards to the 'small shoes' present from the temple in-charge, Andy exclaimed that if any of his fans wanted to borne a baby earlier, can ask it from him as he won't be using it.

news from: Ta Kung Pao, Eastday, TVBS E-News