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| Saturday, August 06, 2005

Andy Lau played 2 characters in his latest music video - Say I Love You One More Time, the doctor character had Charlene Choi as wife, whereas the hairstylist character had Charlie Yueng as wife.

However, don't think that it was so romantic for Andy and Charlie romancing each other as the shooting location was at a cemetery in Happy Valley, after the heavy rain, worms were everywhere which made everyone uneasy.

Say I Love You One More Time, other being Andy's new song, it's also a new movie that will be screened in October as he get to romance with Charlene and Charlie, the director being his old classmate Derek Yu whom directed the music video of 'Qing Shi Nan Mo Ben', whereas both music video has Charlie as the female lead but then Charlie had baby fat, Andy whom collaborate with Charlie again sing praise of her: "She's mature, more female charisma and more open."

However Charlie's love relationship with Andy is not romantic at all. Other than the cemetery scene, where there was a heavy rain which results in mosquitoes and worms everywhere, adding onto the hot and humid weather, the director wanted to create a leaves dropping scenario thus prepared a gaint fan, other than the fan blowing the leaves, the foul smell was also spreaded, even the cameraman cover his nose with his hand, but the guys in front of the camera had to endure the foul smell and look as per required in the story of the music video.

The story of the music video and movie is different as Charlie's handkerchief symbolise her relationship with Andy, so what does that means? Andy doesn't want to reveal too as he wanted the fans to watch the whole music video and the movie in October to get their answer.

news from: Apple Daily News