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| Saturday, August 06, 2005

Metro Radio Mandarin Songs Awards was held yesterday where Andy Lau and Jolin Tsai became the night's biggest winner with 5 awards each, whereas S.H.E followed behind with 4 awards. Although many alleged couples were present, which include Alan Lo Chi Yeung with Jolin and S.H.E's Selina, Alex Fong and Gillian Chung, but the organiser specially arranged separted seats for them.

Before the ceremony started at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, the singers were arranged to walk on the red carpet, Andy, Alan and S.H.E were the most popular as their appearance created the loudest reaction from the fans.

On the awards, Andy and Jolin became the biggest winner with 5 awards each. Andy won "Metro Radio Mandarin Song", "Metro Radio Most Airplay Mandarin Song", "Metro Radio World's Top Mandarin Singer", "Metro Radio Asia's Singer".

As Taiwan was suffering attacks from typhoon yesterday but still around 20 fans were at the airport to send him off which touches Andy as he remind the fans to take care of their own safety.

news from: SingTao News, SingPao