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| Thursday, August 04, 2005

Andy Lau whom revealed that he hope to launch himself in showbiz as a newcomer when he appeared in TVBS-G Entertainment News's Artiste Press Conference, the production team prepared 2 bamboo and requested that he do a bamboo dance which he did without complaining. A video which show that he bare his chest in a "break rock on chest" qigong performance to reveal the embarrassing of Andy.

One of the compere - A-Ya whom adores Andy transform into her idol's manager and request everyone to address her as "Mrs. Lau" and was rebulked by reporters, she then bring out a wedding photograph taken 4 years ago to "prove her status", she then suggest to move a step further by asking Andy to gave her a kiss since "their relationship was being disclosed." However the reporters didn't follow up on her request which disappoints A-Ya.

When talked about his love life, Andy whom is past 40-years-old and was asked how many children he like to have and whether he prefer boy or girl, Andy revealed that he's okay with the sex of the baby and didn't discharge the possibility of adopting children.

In last year's Golden Horse Film Awards, compere Lin Chiling gave him a hug to cheer him up, a concern Andy express: "I really wanted to give her a hug but worry that you'll feel pain as I'll hug you with more strength, however hope you recover fast and we could perform together."

news from: Eastday