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| Thursday, August 04, 2005

It had been 3 years since Andy Lau release a Mandarin album, thus he specially jet over to Taiwan for promotion and was interviewed by TVBS! Andy said that this album contains his own compositions which narrates of his private life. With regards to his love life, Andy always kept a low profile but did admit that he loves children and he had no problems becoming a god-father.

The lawsuit with the record company finally conclude after 3 years, still singing his "lau-style" love songs, he quipped that after hiding for 3 years, he personally writes his own stories into the songs.

Andy says: "Some good, some bad, some beautiful, some realistic, very realistic, realistically putting my feelings together." Reporter asked: "So why one reflects your love story?" Andy says: "Every one of them."

Being in showbiz for 20 years, Andy whom has lack of love allegations and only allegation being Carol Zhu Liqian, even though reaching an age suitable for wedding, he still kept a low profile although he wishes to marry too!

Andy says: "I don't feel pressurise, because I don't care of people asking, I won't answer when asked, it's best that everybody don't ask, that'll be the best, I love children, if any children want me to be his godfather, just come and look for me."

Being 44-years-old, Andy still has a smooth skin, so how he maintain himself? Andy says: "Don't be too trouble, trouble makes one age, I feel that it's strange, currently no maintenance products approach me to endorse."

The ever-friendly Andy return to the music scene, showing off his heavenly king charisma again.

news from: TVBS E-news