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| Monday, September 12, 2005

Andy Lau's concert successfully held in Linzi on 8 September, after the concert, regardless of being tired, Andy still autograph for our reporter. Andy expressed that he appreciated the concern and support from lznews readers, he also wished all the best for lznews.

Being the sole reporting media for Andy's Linzi concert, the months of reporting on Andy's concert's developments and schedules had a huge following from the fans as they communicate with us through mails, SMS and telephone to express their love for Andy.

After 3 hours of concert, although Andy is tired but when told, he still accepted to be interviewed by us. For sure, Andy's schedule this time round is rather tight as he jet off to his next station - Shengyang on the morning of 9 September. Andy had always being doing charity as he did use the concert tickets to be auction off in a charity auction as the funds raised would be donated to the disaster striken residents in Liao Ling.

According to Andy, his new movie - Mo Zi Gong Yue would start shooting on 24 September thus he would be busy with movies after his concerts had ended. Other than the mentioned movies, several other movies also approached Andy but due to their requests, he could not reveal the titles of the movies. Actually, with Andy's status in showbiz, no matter which director direct the movie, with Andy in the cast, it sure to be a large production, before all these, Andy will concentrate on his concert first.

We did reported that Andy was very interested in the history of Linzi as it was confirmed one year ago as where soccer origins as before his concert, Andy specially rushed to Linzi for a secret tour, with regards to it, Andy refuse to answer but his manager exclaimed that he was planning to do so but they didn't do as planned. Andy concentrated on his concert as he wanted to give a 100 marks performance to his fans thus he doesn't take things lightly as he stayed in the hotel to prepare himself and didn't went out thus he sighs that he missed a great chance to tour around.

The reporter than handled Andy a photograph taken during a Xi-an press conference in August and he sing praise of his photography skills, "You photographed me so handsome!" , Andy quipped. He also autographed on it and feel that he looked very handsome in it and wanted to keep one for himself.

Andy exclaimed that he was very excited to perform in Linzi for the first time as when he saw the audience waving their light sticks and shouting his name, it moved him. He said that every artistes' success cannot differ from the support of the fans, being supported by fans is his strength to carry on. He did mentioned that he wanted to sing till 80-years-old in his Linzi concert, which is truth from his hearts and not for show.

Meanwhile, he wished to infrom the fans that supported him through lznews that he will continue to work hard to repay everybody's support. There will be 2 movies - Wait Till You're Older and All About Love to be screened in October. In WTYO, he will be 20-80-years-old, he told the fans not to worry that his face would have any problems after the effects, he says:" Although it's itchy sometimes but it's okay, everything is fine!"

Whereas AAL is a movie invested by his own company thus he anticipated it and hope it will do well at the box office as he quipped: "Doesn't want to lose money if not whom would approached him to cast him in their movies!"

In the end, Andy thanks the concern from lznews and hope the papers will do well. He quipped: "Have more reports on me, allow the fans to see me."

news from: lznews