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| Saturday, September 10, 2005

At Ji Du Cultural Sports Centre, it was a scene of surging warm blood, where thousands sang together! It's because Andy Lau's concert is too moving as his charisma is unblockable. Tonight (8 September), Andy Lau 2005 Linzi concert is held.

When the 2 giant golden door opened at 19:30 hours, the music started as the dancers started to dance, the concert had begins! When the audiences were excited, Andy whom was wearing a black suit appeared from the sky to surprise the audience, the whole stadium is heated up. When the audiences were interviewed by the reporter, although they were unsure of the title of the opening Cantonese song nor the meaning of the lyrics, but with a doubt, music is universal as just by seeing their idol, they'll still cheer for him.

After the first song, fire started to fall from the skies as it lighten up the skies. With the concert just begins, Andy already started to greet the fans to lessen his distance with the audience. Of course, the audience was moved by his classic songs and multiple changing stage, you've to admit that Andy's concert were of the highest standard. The audience can't help to sing along with him and dance to his songs, when Andy said: "Dance on your seat!" Although some chaotic situation did happen in previous stops, but the audience of Linzi seems to maintain their order.

As the concert goes on, having seen communicating with fans in a raised platform, flying snake, white lion, in the middle of the mist, several general dressed dancer appeared and suddenly Andy appeared riding on a horse being raised from the center of the stage, he was wearing a yellow dragon gown, wearing a hat with feathers, he looked like a ruler. The music of 'Zhong Guo Ren' sounds, as this song is the favourite of most Chinese, thus it again moved every and each of the audience.

Other than showing off his singing, Andy also show off his dancing skills. During the tap dancing, no matter going solo or group dance, they were perform inch perfect. The songs related to become a musical with story.

After singing close to 40 songs, the show has to come to an end as Andy performed his best to the audience and in terms the audience gave their best support to Andy. "Andy, I love you!" The girls screamed: "Andy, one more song!" The concert came to an end. We send our blessing to Andy and hope that he brought more surprise to his fans!

news from: www.lznews.cn