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| Sunday, September 11, 2005

Director Feng Xiaogang was picked to play a magical doctor whom transformed Andy Lau to grow old in the movie Wait Till You're Older. Feng appeared in the movie with white beard.

Feng whom was currently busy shooting his new movie exclaimed why he accepted the role: "I made friends easily as I befriend Chan Tak Sum, Derek Yee and Peter Chan during a director's conference, thus when he made a request, I'll help him." Chan Tak Sum gave him a phone call and quoted that he required my help for a few days, I agree without him telling me the character. After he came to Hong Kong, then he knew that it was an arrangement of Andy and Chan.

With regards to collaborating with the child actor that played Andy, he expressed: "It's terrible acting opposite him as thinking of that, I can't out act him. We just filmed at the playground for 4 days, thrice was at night, although he's sleepy but he still can hold on and act very well, maybe one day he would become a megastar like Andy Lau!"

news from: SingPao, MingPao, Apple Daily News