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| Friday, December 09, 2005

What would Hong Kong heavenly king Andy Lau and Taiwan's own heavenly king Jay Chou chatted about when they meet each other? The answer is magic. When they attended the recording of TVB Jade Solid Gold, they performed magic at the backstage area.

Jay played the piano and sing while Andy sing his love songs. Two heavenly kings attended TVB's rehearsal, they didn't listen to what the compere was saying and kept in deep discussion, what were they discussing, everyone wanted to know.

Andy says: "I hope to learn next year, thus I've learnt a bit, then I'll show it off during my performance, I only know some simple tricks, he (Jay) also loves magic, thus we discuss some of the magic tricks to be included into our music."

Jay then went on to perform a magic trick with a string and his finger. Jay quipped: "Please show some encouragement!" The reporter replied: "Isn't this too simple?" Jay replied: "Nope, this is quite impressive, just joking, just okay, Andy's magic skill is better than me."

Both of them are currently learning magic, so whom would bring this skill onto the stage to perform, the fans can only wait and see.

news from: TVBS E-News