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| Friday, December 09, 2005

Andy Lau, Jay Chou, Vangie Tang and Japanese female singer Emi Fujita attended TVB Jade Solid Gold recording previous night.

When both appearing, surely both camps of fans would battle each other in terms of cheering their idol. Andy won with his champion song while Jay transform to piano prince, both camps of fans screamed up loud, when they met onstage, it brough the amtosphere to the highest. Andy then went to chat with Jay and both camps immediately became "friends rather than enemies" which stop them from challenging with each other by screaming!

Although he had zero award in the recent TVB8 Mandarin Music-On-Demand (MOD) Best 10 Awards, he did not mind and said: "Nothing I could do if I've no awards, every award ceremonies had their own means of calculating, must follow their rules, I can come back again next year, but I'm happy that Hacken Lee won the award, he just had his birthday, it's a very good birthday present. (Yo're not disappointed?) There's no disappointment, there's always hope!"

Andy would be jetting off to Malaysia and America for his concert tour, when the year-end award ceremonies comes around, those singers whom are absent would have no awards, thus he would have missed many chances? He says: "From the selection, I already knew that those whom are absent will not be given any awards! Would it result to singers won't attend if they knew they won't be given any awards? Maybe they should change the system! Hahah! Those that I could attend, I would attend, currently I was busy location shooting in Mainland China, as we were rushing, the director might not release me to come back, I would try to discuss with the director. (that means you won't be able to win the Media Award?) I don't win it every year, I didn't win it last year, sometimes it's funny when I read newspaper, when I didn't win the award, the media thinks that I've won it."

Andy whom had won numerous awards, does he remember what awards he had won? Andy express that he placed all his awards in his fan club and they are spearate into different award ceremonies' cupboard thus with one look he could see all awards, he then quipped: "The Commercial Radio area is most empty as I only won one Joint-presented Best Album award from them."

news from: Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po, Oriental Daily News, Sun News