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| Saturday, December 10, 2005

Andy Lau went for the recording for TVB's charity show - Huan Le Man Dong Hua 2005 two night ago as he needs to jet off to Malaysia for his concert, thus he could only record 2 songs, 'Liang Zhu' and 'Ji Xu Tan Qing.

In his segment, he collaborate with a 30-students Er-hu orchestra lead by Fok Sai Kit. Andy expressed that it was refreshing to sing his new song 'Ji Xu Tan Qing' with Chinese music.

When interviewed, Andy expressed that he won't be in Hong Kong this Christmas as he would be holding his concert in America. As Paula Tsui and Sam Hui would be also spending their Christmas, when asked if he would spend his Christmas with them. Andy just smile and didn't give an answer.

Andy also revealed that his recent launch All About Love special edition DVD had been sold out and it was alleged to be priced at HK$500 in the Internet. Andy expressed that he was delighted at the sales result. He says: "Actually this DVD set will lose money with its high production cost as the free bracelet would a few hundreds dollars, thus we estimated to lose some money."

In addition, Andy and Felix Wong arrived at Malaysia yesterday afternoon to prepare for tonight's concert. Other than 70 fans to welcome him, the organiser also arranged 50 security guards and policemen to maintain order. Although it was a chaotic situation, Andy still take the initiative to take photographs with the fans which drove them crazy.

Meanwhile, Andy was ranked number 10 in 2005 Top 10 Celebrity in Hong Kong.

news from: Apple Daily News, Ta Kung Po, Oriental Daily News, Sun News, Sina.com