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| Sunday, December 11, 2005

Being heavenly king-superstar-idol, Andy Lau whom was in showbiz for more than 20 years, if wanted to play, of course it would be the biggest and most elegant. For this Vision Tour concert, from the stage, lightings, decorations, images, fireworks to the full-house crowd, he had presented a "heavenly king standard persentation".

When walking into the stadium, the most eye-catching is the 80 metres long, 7-storey tall huge stage, it took up one quarter of the stadium. Followed by the 2 gaint yellow bell and red door, the grand stage at the center, it makes one think what's inside the door.

When the 2 doors opened, Andy Lau's vision tour kicks off at 8:30 pm. When everyone was searching for Andy among the dancers, dressed in Western suit, Andy suddenly "ejected" from the center of the stage to everyone's surprise, the audiences reacted with thunderous applause to welcome Andy to welcome him back to the stage of Malaysia.

The concert is a combination of songs, dances and drama. Within the drama, Andy fully show off his singing skills, even when it comes to dancing, his 100% performance makes one take their hats off for him.

The images within the city door gates kept changing, first it was a palace, then it transform into a magical Roman battlefield, then the 2 laterns lights up to become China's palace, it transform again to become a opera dance hall, it's a complete visual effect, the audience were stunned.

There were 2 segment in Andy's concert. The first scene is "hero saving the beauty", the huge cobra with dancers coordinate with the lightings and sound, it creates an anxious atmosphere. Andy became a Roman warrior, acting and singing at the "battlefield". To accomodate the sad atmosphere, Andy used his "Lau sad singing method" to sing the songs.

The second segment was the "emperor returning to his country". Andy wore a yellow gown with peacock feather on his hat. He rode his "horse" and sing 'Zhong Gou Ren', it was a grand scene. From a serious emperor, he quickly transformed into a silly 'Ben Xiao Hai'? Andy suddenly sing 'Ben Xiao Hai' makes one unable to link even though with the setting and costume.

The third scene was based on dances. Andy transform into a dance hall performer, dancing with a bunch of female dancers. Andy performed several different dances which include tap dancing, Latin dance and broadway's classic kick-dancing.

To become such a big player and perform all kinds of tricks and surpirse everyone; to sing every songs with accomodating speciality, seeing Andy's hardwork and with his experience, determination and hardworking heart, he's a learning model for all.

Not proud, there would be improvements. 'Tie-ren' (superman) Andy Lau, You did it.

news from: Sin Chew Daily