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| Monday, December 12, 2005

When Andy Lau introduce Lam Katung on-stage, he asked him: "I heard that you always come to Malaysia?"

Lam immediately rebulked: "I come to Malaysia not as many times as you...." he was kinda hinting that Andy had a alleged Malaysian girlfriend.

Upon hearing, a steady Andy replied: "I always come here secretly, nobody discover.... Hahaha."

Andy once express that there won't be any special performing guests but unexpectedly there were 2 male guests whom were Felix Wong and Lam.

When Andy invite Lam to duet with him 'Wu Jian Dao', a mischevious Lam quipped: "Ah? 'Mo Kan Do' ('Wu Jian Dao' in Cantonese)? 'Mo Kan Do' (catch nothing in Cantonese) I knew." The audience burst into laughters.

Felix whom were busy taking photographs among the audience was invited on-stage to duet 'An Li Zhao Mi' with Andy. They also perform some parts from the movie Wait 'Til You're Older for the audience to remember the movie.

Andy whom had earlier injured his leg during location shooting in Mainland China, although his leg is still bandaged but he still sing and dance for his fans, he still sing and dance as per normal, indeed he's professional.

What's different from the shows in the concert tour in Mainland China, Andy sang an additional 10 songs for Malaysian fans, the music video of his latest song 'Ji Xu Tan Qing' which he collaborated with Angelica Lee, was broadcast publicly for the first time.

In addition, his moustache look also appeared for the first time in his concert tour. Andy says: "I'm still refreshing even though all of you had seen me for so many years, is it due to me keeping moustache? Remember, kept on calling me handsome, louder, I don't mind. Because after I keep this moustache, many people complaint that I'm not handsome anymore, I wanted to gain some confidence here." After saying, the audience shouted "handsome" non-stop.

Another highlight of the concert is when Andy changed infront of the 25,000 fans. When the audience saw a sexy female dancer removing his clothes for him, and help him wear his new costume, the audience exclaimed with "wah...wah....wah....(envy?)" cheers.

Andy had 7 costume changes which include silver-white battle suit, emperor gown, shiny black tail-suit, Running On Karma image and colonel look.

Among them, the last colonel look was most familiar with the Malaysian fans as it was similiar to the uniform of Malaysia's premiere, even Andy says: "Do I looked like that I'm going for election?" before singing a few parts of the song Rasa Sayang.

It seems that Andy really love his showbiz career as he kept asking the audience not to forget him. He express that many years later, if people won't recognise an aged Andy Lau, he would still grab one's hand and said: "I'm Andy Lau ah!"

"I'll force all of you to see for me 30, 40 even till 50 years." He said seriously.

He added: "Idol singers would disappear when they grow older but I don;t mind being an idol, a mature idol. Not to disgrace all of you, all these years I've been working hard on my singing, I've really improve as a singer."

The 5-millon ringgit stage isindeed "rich in content". Other than multiple complicated design change, there were 3 lifts that allow him to lower himself below to the stage changing room thus saving him trouble of running to backstage.

The lifts on both sides can lift him up to 5-storey high, for him to interact and close contact with the fans.

news from: Sin Chew Daily