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| Saturday, December 10, 2005

Andy Lau would be holding his concert at Merdeka Stadium tomorrow, he arrived in Malaysia today and was welcome by over 70 fans at the airport. The fans were shouting cheers of Andy, welcome Andy, we support you, Andy.

Andy also photographed with the fans despite the police stopping him, however the reporters were not so lucky as the fans as they were being pushed away by the police. On seeing the situation, Andy said "Sorry" to the reporters!

Andy's flight CX 723 arrived at Kuala Lumpur International Airport around 12:40pm. An entourage of 15 walked out of the custom around 1:13pm and were surrounded by a 30-people human-wall, the reporters could not get close to them. Felix Wong was also spotted, it was unsure if he was here as the special performing guest or to watch the concert.

Around 70 members from Andy World Club went to welcome him at the airport. All the fans wore their orange uniform were from Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Australia and Malaysia. They reached the airport as early as 11:00am, some fans specially applied leave to see their idol, one of them even brought her children along.

When they saw Andy walking out of the custom door, they immediately shout out their cheers. Andy whom was wearing sunglasses went forward to take photographs with them, he was being stop by the policemen beside him and Andy express: "Ok,Ok" and asked the policemen to stand back.

After taking photographs with the fans, Andy was immediately surrounded by more than 10 policemen. When reporters went forward to interview him, the rude policemen pushed them away resulting them to almost fall down. On seeing that they were unable to get near Andy, they had to restort to shout and asked: "How's your leg injury?"

Andy seems unable to hear but when he make his way to the exit, he answers: "Ok lar." When he saw reporters got pushed, Andy could only sighs: "Sorry, sorry", before boarding his awaiting car.

With being Malaysia's 2005 Vision Tour as the only stop in South-east Asia, when asked at the press conference if he had any additional stuff for the Malaysian fans, Absolute Entertainment CEO Mr. Ng express that Andy will sing 10 additional songs and it would be his biggest present for the Malaysian fans. Meanwhile, Andy would also make some changes in his costumes to make it more refreshing.

Mr Ng added: "Basically the stage would be the same as the concerts in Mainland China but some new stage designs were added, unsure it's on the lightings or sound effect, you'll know when you attend the concert."

news from: Sinchew