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| Sunday, December 11, 2005

Andy Lau held his concert at Malaysia's Stadium Merdeka last night, it was a sold-out crowd of 25,000, the response is good. Andy started the concert at 8:00 PM and end the concert at 10:30 pm but the fans waited at the stadium for 30 minutes and refuse to leave, they kept on screaming, on seeing the enthusiasm of the audience, Andy whom was already on his way back to his hotel with the police opening the way for him, he was unable to return to the stadium due to security problems. When it was announced "Andy Lau concert had officially ended" for the tenth time, the audience finally leave the stadium at midnight.

Both of his best friend, Felix Wong and Lam Katung went to Malaysia to support him and were pulled on-stage. Andy duet 'Wu Jian Dao' with Lam and 'An Li Zhao Mi' with Felix. Andy quipped that Lam had always claim that he wished to release an album, several of the audience shouted that they would support him, Andy then said to Lam: "You remember them, at least there are 7,000 here said that they would be buying your album, great, when we return to Hong Kong, we should try if you could break into the music industry, Haha!"

When Felix saw that Andy willing to help Lam to release an album, he quipped: "Boss Lau, why don't you sign me up too, I'm not bad either, I love to come to Malaysia, I bought my first apartment in Malaysia! I also had my first concert in Malaysia for more than 20 nights, many of them here and their friends are my benefactors of my first house, really had to thanks the audiences and fans of Malaysia! Hahaha." Andy exclaimed that TVB serials were very popular in South-east Asia, likewise to Felix, Andy also staged his first concert in Malaysia.

During the afternoon rehearsal, suddenly there was heavy rain in Kuala Lumpur which worried Andy that it would affect the concert at night. The organiser immediately arranged him to stop the rehearsal and return to his hotel room to rest and pray to the god. Surprisingly, during the praying ceremony, the rain started to get less heavy which Andy could relax, he says: "It seems that it's like this for my every concert in Malaysia, the rain would stop whenever I prayed to the god. Really appreciate the help of god to let things goes smoothly." However, after the rain, the stage is slipperly, with his leg injury just recovered, thus he was extra caution during dancing to prevent from slipping.

news from: Sina.com