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| Monday, May 28, 2007

Earlier Andy Lau who was shooting his new song's music video and returned to Hong Kong. In order not to tangle himself with allegations, he posted the photographs of him returning to his company to discuss his concerts on his website, he used the title of "There are only angels in my apartment", the content narrates that allegations kept tangling around him and his family members, there's even telephone calls to check if his Kadoorie apartments is haunted, if his father is seriously ill thus need to spend money to hire someone to perform a ritual ceremony for his father.

Andy did mentioned in his post that he heard that reporters asked if his apartment is dirty (haunted), he re-bulked : "How you define dirty?" This sort of question is rather far-fetch , he added that it's like a "rainstorm", if it's the old him, to encounter this matter, he would be very angry but now he know how to handle the situation and learn how to walk during the "rainstorm", to live happily as per normal and continue his busy work.

Andy stressed that his father is healthy, he said: "My apartment is my heaven, there are only angels." The reporter called up Andy after reading his post and he mentioned in the phone conversation: "Indeed these 2 days reporters came to my apartment and talked strangely, making one to be superstition, thus I write it out for people to laugh at it, I've already said that there's nothing wrong, hope they think about it before writing any allegations, if it's to boost sales, I can't help it. I won't feel anything but my company will send out lawyer's letter to them."

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news from: Apple Daily News