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| Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon which was currently shooting had announced its poster earlier, the image of Andy Lau's Zhao Zilong had been criticized by netizens as the armor that "Zhao Zilong" wore looked like a Japanese samurai, World War II English soldier and Korean general.

"White helmet, white armor, white horse, holding a silver spear" is the classic image of Zhao Zilong (Zhao Yun) for the readers of Romance of the Three Kingdom. Meanwhile in the poster of Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, Andy's version of Zhao Zilong was wearing a black helmet and armor, the side of the helmet was rather flat. Wearing a pouch on his waist and hand-held a sub-spiral weapon.

The "white armor silver spear" image of Zhao Zilong

When the image being revealed, it immediately spurns wide argument in the Internet, some netizens were critical of Andy's "Zhao Zilong" image as netizens think that the armor looked like a Japanese samurai. Netizen Vince thinks that armor is similar to a certain computer game. With regards to "Zhao Zilong" helmet, netizens had more views on it, some think that it looked like ancient Korean helmet, Yuan dynasty helmet, World War II soldiers' helmet and European 14th century helmet. In addition, the waist pouch that "Zhao Zilong" was carrying was being referred to be the waist pouch carried by English soldier during World War II.

One netizen exclaimed: "I don't understand why the Chinese armor looked great and yet the director love such irrelevant stuffs." Many netizens were angry that the images in Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon had destroyed their brave image of Zhao Zilong's "white armor silver spear" image. There are also netizens does not mind as they expressed "most importantly is whether the movie is good or not, images of character are secondary."

According to xmnext.com investigation, Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon's Zhao Zilong's image is a huge difference of the armor during China's Han dynasty till North-South dynasty period.

The image of Zhao Zilong in Japanese game - Sin Sangohumusou (Dynasty Warriors)

Some opinions think that Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon's script was mainly extracted from Japanese Three Kingdom computer game, thus lead to the characters' image to look Japanese, however xmnext.com found out that the Zhao Zilong image in the game still maintained the "white armor silver spear" look.

xmnext.com tried to contact the creative team of Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon for clarification but still failed to contact them.

news from: Sina.com