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| Friday, June 29, 2007

It was 5 years ago when Andy Lau released the Mandarin album - 'Mei Li De Yi Tian' (A Better Day) as he asked the fans to participate in a time capsule activity where fans would write down what they wanted to express and the letters would only be sent out 5 years later, the idea came from a true story in Japan. The response of the activity is very good as many filled up the white blank time capsule sheet that comes with green envelopes and sent back to the record company . On 5 July, it would be the fifth year and Andy would be sent out the fans' letters that he kept for 5 years to the their relatives, friends, himself and other artistes in order for the letter to reach to the addresses on the letters.

Andy narrates the true story that initiate the idea of time capsule, the story is about Uchida couple that live at Kofu, Japan received on a time capsule letter from their deceased daughter of 8 years on 2000's New Year Eve, the daughter whom had sent out a time capsule 16 years ago this regards from the their deceased daughter touches the Uchida couple.

Andy whom was in Taiwan recently to shoot his music video saw some letters addressed to his mother, he's really puzzled on what's the content of those letters, but Andy follow the rules and he would not open the letters, he shall wait for his mother to tell him the content of the letters. He quipped: "I really want to know what the fans wrote to my mother, maybe they say thanks to her for giving birth to such an outstanding son?"

news from: udn news, MingPao, ChinaTimes.cc