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| Monday, June 25, 2007

Although 48-years-old this year, Michael Miu still have love allegation with actress such as Toby Leung and Charmaine Sheh, for the benefit of their family, his wife Jamie Chic Mei Chun suggested to have a game with celebrity bowler Andy Lau after the shooting of the music video for the movie Heng Dai. A listless Michael was seen spitting his sorrow to Andy several times resulting Andy to lost his bowling standards as he score nil and down the drain several times, when spotted the presence of reporters, Andy seems unhappy.

Since the allegation between Michael and Toby, followed by Charmaine being reported, his wife Jamie had been following him around as she even followed him when he was location shooting in Thailand for the movie Heng Dai, it seems that Jamie wanted to keep watch at Michael for 24 hours. An insider revealed: "Women would not like to share their husband with other women, with the current allegations, it's hard for Jamie not to get worried."

Last Friday, after Michael cameo in the music video for Heng Dai's theme song, as Jamie did not tagged along, Michael seems rather relax as he asked Andy for a game of bowling after a hard day work.

Around 7:00pm, Andy, Lam Ka Tung and several crew nenvers went for bowling at Nam Wah Bowling Alley, their presence attracted the attention of the bowlers present. Andy was seen taking out his private bowling ball and gloves, preparing to warm up with Lam Ka Tung sitting behind eating his meal box. Although he was too busy until not enough time to sleep, Andy still seems hyperactive at the alley as he got several strikes as he display a V hand signal. Moments later, a dejected Michael arrived the alley.

From what seen at the alley, a listless Micheal kept missing to hit any pins, Andy then went forward to studied some bowling postures and tips with him. After 30 minutes of play, Michael still has no improvements, as their points difference becoming huge. Although leading several points, an unhappy Andy decided to have a chat with Michael, it's not known if Andy was sharing sharing some tips on getting along with Michael as he was seen agreeing to what Andy had said to him.

Initial thought that a few words would made Michael stand up again to bowl well, however Michael started to spit his sorrow which made Andy frown, it lasted for several minutes which made Andy lost concentration on his bowling thus making him garned no points. When Andy discovered the presence of reporters, he could only smile embarrassingly.

When they were leaving around 8pm, around 20 fans approached Andy as one fan even asked for bowling tips from Andy as reporters heard her asking: "Andy, Andy, what is the correct hand posture? You played so well, can you teach me a few tips?" Continuous questions silent Andy as he does not know how to answer. When reporters rushed foward to asked why he lost his bowling standards and what's he's busy recently, an unhappy Andy said: "Which company are you from? Recently I busy shooting Heng Dai, okay, it's enough, thank you." After saying, he board his nanny car immediately.

news from: ent.163.com