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| Sunday, July 01, 2007

It caused quite a huge commotion when Andy Lau wanted to learn 'bian lian' mask changing from master Peng Denghuai. After a few years of learning, Andy had already learnt how to change between 5-6 masks, Peng had intention of arranging Andy to perform mask changing in public for the first time in 2008's Beijing Olympics Games opening ceremony.

Earlier there was news being leaked from a Sichuan Opera performer that after 7 years of training, Andy only learnt the basic of mask changing as he could only change 7 mask within one minute, this makes Andy learning the art of mask changing news again. When interviewed in Mainland China, Peng revealed how he met Andy and revealed that there is a possibility of Andy performing mask changing for the first time in 2008's Beijing Olympics Games opening ceremony.

Peng expressed that he first met Andy during a CCTV Lunar New Year programme in 1998, they just greet each other. Then, they get to perform together on a Mid-Autumn Festival programme in Shanghai the following year. During rehearsal, Andy kept singing praise Peng's mask changing skills and suggested to learn from him, after several requests, Andy had made his sincerity of learning felt, thus Peng decided to teach Andy mask changing. It was alleged that Andy gave him $400,000 but Peng said that there's no such things. Due to the special status of Andy, Peng need to submit a report and seek approval from Arts and Culture Department, without approval he would not be able to take Andy as his student.

Initially Andy wanted to acknowledge Peng as his shifu on 22 March 2000, without the approval, they still went ahead with the ceremony, Peng admitted that the procedure is not correct. This caused several uproars and could cost him his government job. Andy was worried that he would affect Peng then he would rather not learn mask changing and stay far from Peng, this touched Peng who decided to pass the skill of mask changing to Andy.

For the past 7 years, Andy only met Peng for 7-8 times to learn from him, currently he's able to change 5-6 masks, he had also promise not to reveal the secret of the trade as even his parents are not allowed to see the tools. When asked when Andy would make his first public performance? Peng said if nothing happenss, Andy's first performance could be the opening ceremony of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Peng had planned to have 2008 people performing mask changing to welcome the Olynpics Games, the Beijing Olympics Organizing committee had sing praise of the idea. Peng will be doing a large scale gala at Sichuan, if his suggestion is being approved by the organizing committee, he would surely asked Andy to lead the other mask changing performers.

news from: MingPao