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| Saturday, September 08, 2007

Although The Warlords unable to make it to compete in the 64th Venice International Film Festival, but it still manage to screen its 6 minutes long trailer in the festival which make the festival's chairman Marco Mueller "surprised" as he hope that The Warlords will be a major winner next year.

From the 6 minutes, you could see clearly the chaotic background of the war periods, it's a story of Chinese heroes, male leads Jet Li, Andy Lau and Takeshi Kaneshiro are box office attractions as they forgo their stylish looks for hair grayed by ashes and face stained with mud. With a production budget of US$40 million, it's the most expensive Chinese film.

Venice International Festival chairman Marco Mueller also loves Chinese Films, he looked highly on Peter Chan's The Warlords and called up Peter many times to participate in this year's festival. However the film is still rushing through its post production thus unable to register in this year's festival, thus Peter specially edited a 6 minutes long trailer to present his appreciation to Venice International Film Festival which always put its focus on Chinese films.

After Marco Mueller watched the trailer, he described that these 6 minutes are powerful, he could felt Peter's "explosive power", he also sing praise that Jet Li looked differently, but he still fight so well, these 6 minutes are the best present for Venice International Film Festival.

Peter's Perhaps Love was the opening film for last year's festival, Marco Mueller feel pity that The Warlords missed the registration this year. However, after watching the exciting trailer, he feel excited of the long wait, he hope that The Warlords will be next year's biggest winner as it is a film with international standard.

news from: MingPao, SingPao, Oriental Daily News