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| Friday, September 07, 2007

Andy Lau whom was currently on his Mainland China concert tour specially flew to Beijing to attend the one year anniversary Paralympic Games countdown gala, he sing and dance with the disabled sportsmen. There was one wheelchair stunt expert used one hand to support his wheelchair in order to dance with Andy whom sing praise of him. When talked about Jacky Cheung losing his voice and had to cancel his concert, Andy said that he had special voice enhancement solution for Jacky.

Currently Andy was doing his Mainland China concert tour, he rushed to Beijing after his Nan Ning concert to attend the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games 1 year countdown gala show. He sang Everyone is No. 1 with the disabled sportsmen yesterday.

Andy attended the press conference organized by the Telecom company earlier as he show his support to the Chinese disabled sportsmen, autograph and taking photographs with them, he also presented them with Everyone is No.1 single.

The organizer also announced that it allowed its customers to download the song for free, Andy said: "I hope that the sportsmen and everyone whom listen to the song will support the sportsmen and encourage them."

Andy then go for the gala rehearsal at China Millennium Monument, he sing and dance with several wheelchair bound disabled, one of them being a wheelchair stunt expert as he use one hand to support his wheelchair while taking a photograph with Andy who was awed of him.

As Andy was busy and rushed around for his Mainland China concert, after the gala he would rushed to Lingbo for his next performance, he said: "It doesn't matter as this is a meaningful activity which make me active again, on seeing how happy is the disabled sportsmen, I'm delighted, when I perform in Beijing, I hope that they could come and watch the concert."

With regards to upon his arrival to Nan Ning and it kept raining resulting the venue to be soaked with rainwater, it was still raining on his second day of rehearsal thus it worried him on whether his concert could go on as per scheduled, however when the concert started, the rain stopped and he kept thanking the heaven for helping him.

Andy added that he read in the Chinese newspapers that Jacky Cheung has to cancel his concert as he lost his voice, Andy said: "Hope Jacky can recover soon and would not encounter this problem again, it's huge pressure being a singer and I understand how he's feeling." Andy pointed out that when he was hanging in mid air during his concert, he need to act and shout at the top of his voice, his crew member asked reminded him not to use too much strength in order not to affect his latter performance. He revealed that he brought along voice enhancement solution used by foreign singers which works everytime, if Jacky need it, he could gave him to try the solution.

news from: Apple Daily News, Wei Wen Po, 2008.sohu.com