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| Friday, September 07, 2007

On 4 September, Andy Lau's Wonderful World concert tour reached Nan Ning, it's second stop. During his performance, he once again moved into tears by the audience as he pull up his shirt to wipe his tears, he accidentally revealed his sexy abs, he also dressed sexily in a breakthrough performance, the fans have an eye full sight.

During the rehearsal in the afternoon, it was raining, other than the venue being locked, the doors for the People's Park was not locked as many fans came to the park to listen to Andy's beautiful voice during rehearsal. As it was raining, there was worries that the concert would have to be canceled.

Before the concert kick off at 8:00PM, the rain had stopped and the stadium gathered a total of 50,000 fans from all parts of China. Throughout the concert, Andy kept thanking the heaven for the rain to stop. As this is the first time Andy performing in Nan Ning, thus this concert is very important to him as after completing the first stop at Inner Mongolia, he immediately jet to Nan Ning to prepare this concert.

On the concert, Andy performed dances, magic and other than his secret trade, he also transform himself into cowherd as he perform a romantic love story in the mid-air stage, he also used "run in the air" to the center of the audience. The enthusiasm of the Nan Ning audience moved Andy to tears, people was saying that man does not cry easily, but Andy told the audience that he's just a normal man as he said it's not a sin for man to cry. The stage was full of traps and wires hanging everywhere to aid Andy to become superman. With the running on the huge stage, Andy quipped that after a few concerts, he could join the Olympic, 15 concerts with 15 rehearsals, at least he need to run around the stage 30 times, that equal to some training, after the concerts, he should be able to compete in the Olympic Games.

Earlier Andy revealed that his concert's opening will be imaginary as per the expression of the concert's poster, he would be traveling in the galaxy enjoying strolling on the clouds, therefore Andy appeared as an astronaut, having close contact with the fans and audience "flying" 10 meters above the ground. The most exciting segment being the romantic love story of cowherd Andy "flying" in mid air to search for the girl weaver. When talked about "walking in the air", Andy exclaim that he was able to execute the "walking in the air" segment perfectly own it to his over 10 years of acting experience, he said: "It's normal for me hanging on wires, but there was a small accident on the first night, the black belt on my hand get entangled, I almost could not turn over. But it's tough on girl-weaver, it's her first time hanging in mid-air on wires, having to talk sweetly with me 9 meters above the stage, she's so much better than me."

Similar to what happened in Mongolia, Andy moved into tears by the audience and he pull up his T-shirt to wipe his teary eyes, accidentally revealing his abs, it's quite sexy. During the concert, he become astronaut, wearing a breakthrough sexy outfit to be an eye-filling experience to the fans.

After the concert ended, many fans still refuse to leave the stadium as they hope Andy would perform in Nan Ning annually.

news from: ent163.com, Apple Daily News, Ming Pao, Wei Wen Po