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| Friday, September 14, 2007

2007 Andy Lau Wonderful World Mainland China concert held it's 4th concert at Nanjing. Andy who had arrived in Nanjing earlier for rehearsal had performed a perfect performance for the awaiting fans.

The ever changing image of him sees him "flying" around to satisfy his craving of becoming a flying man.

The fans also made used of all ways to see their idol as some of them climbed onto tree to catch a glimpse of Andy, even with their life at risk.

However according to Sina.com reports, the boss of the organizing company complaint to the reporters that if Andy would to come and perform, he would take the job even he was paid $100,000,000 because it was too tiring.

Andy has a secretive schedule in Nanjing. To prevent the fans' chase, there was no arrangement of interviews by reporters or public appearance, even the organizer was not told of his schedule. Andy took a private jet to Nanjing and head straight to his hotel. He stayed at the 37th level presidential suite which cost $20,000 a night, the hotel also blocked and locked out 2 levels to prevent any disturbance from fans.

The local media and fans had no choice but to wait at the performing venue as Andy would need to rehearse there thus they could get in close contact with him. However, Andy did not appear and many fans managed to sneak into the stadium, the organizer could not clear them off the stadium thus resulting in some commotion. As Andy's rehearsal schedule is also kept secret, more than 100 waiting for him, finally there's news that Andy will arrive at the stadium.

Initially Andy was about to set off to the stadium but when told that even the back-door of the stadium's cafe was also jam-packed with fans, to prevent any commotion, Andy had to cancel the rehearsal and asked a "body double" to tried out the positioning on the stage.

The organizer told the media that they are unhappy of Andy's intention as everyone in the company is busy for him and he knew nothing about it. There's also allegations that Andy made many requests as in a private car and makeup room, the car was driven from Guangxi to Nanjing but was told that the car does not have the required facilities. To prevent from huge budget and worries of no returns, everybody is tired, thus if he will be paid $10000,000 he would also not become the organizer of the concert.

It was alleged that crazy fan Yang Lijuan whom "Become pretty have job foundation" sponsored her to Nanjing, it's said that the tight security might be related to her.

news from: ent.163.com, Sun News, MingPao