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| Saturday, September 15, 2007

Earlier Andy Lau sent out Andox and Andox's uncle in a comic story to narrate their experience on the private jet in a new blog post, the plane is very well-built and comes with pretty air stewardess.

Andox walked around the plane as it went to the pilot cabin and toilet because it was showing netizens around the plane. Andy and Andox also show off their family love on the plane as Andy personally helped Andox do a face mask, it was such a loving scene. Meanwhile, Andox and his uncle discussed on the topic on how the strong overcome the weak, thus they decided that they need to become strong ox.

Andox's uncle dragged Andox onto the private jet plane which will fly them to Nanjing. Andox refuse to board the plane without it's "mother" Andy, then Andox's uncle force it to go onto the plane.

Andox become active when it board the plane as he flirt with the air stewardess, Andox uncle ask Andox to go to the toilet but instead Andox pee in public. Andox also went to the pilot cabin and hear that the pilot was eating beef which scared the lights out of him.

Andox whom was still shivering in fear was told by his uncle that the pilot wanted to eat him, he was saying: "If we continue to become a ox that's useful, the selfish human will not eat us." These words enlights Andox which in terms console his uncle: "Talent will be of good use, the world will recognize our efforts."

Andox's head almost dropped off as he waited so long for Andy to board the plane, while Andy was boarding the plane, he waved at Andox. To reward Andox for waiting for him for so long, he personally help Andox do facial which is so comfortable that it fall asleep and even have a dream of Andy!

After his performance in Nanjing, Andy expressed in articles of magazines that he's glad that Andox had grown up during this concert tour.

news from: Oriental Daily News, Apple Daily News