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| Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Andy Lau is the spokesman for Cyma watches for the third year running, the latest Autumn season brand new poster had been released. Earlier, Andy took some time off for the photo shoot of the posters, it gave us a refreshing feeling as the photographer used black and white to present two different themes, giant fans were also used to create a "windy" feeling in order to capture the perfect effect.

The latest series made used of Andy's real life experience and findings to represent the slogan of "Never experienced how would you know". Andy thinks: "There are many things which you need to experience yourself before you will know the meaning within in. Take me being an artist for an example, I always continue to try new things, and done things that people admired me, if the audience didn't personally feel and experience it, that all my hard work and contribution is wasted."

In another poster, Andy wearing the automatic wrist watch and open his arms and looking into empty space, it's like an eagle opening its wings flying to the top of the mountain, it's like facing the cold wind and icy rain, he appeared enlighted. Meanwhile the theme of the poster: "After all the troubles, you would be enlighted with life's darkness and light." Andy said: "There are different challenges in every stage of your life, failure is unavoidable. But I believe that sunny days are more than cloudy days, although sometimes the sun is covered by the gray clouds but it will always be waiting for us, same to said when you experience ups and downs, we would have a brighter life."

Chengdu would be the last stop for Andy's 2007 Wonderful World Mainland China world tour in November. The ticketing office had expressed that they are all out to counter counterfeit tickets as the organizer had made use of the latest technology similar to fight counterfeit the Chinese notes. Meanwhile, the center of the ticket has the most advance electronic chip, each tickets has its own serial number, production of each ticket is different and unique.

news from: Ta Kung Po, Apple Daily News, Wei Wen Po