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| Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Andy Lau took a private jet as he arrived at Nanjing for the preparation of his concert. The organizer used branded car as decoy as Andy made his way to the hotel in a normal MPV.

Meanwhile the attention catching 2007 Mainland China Public Celebrities Image Satisfactory Survey had reached its height as more than 1200,000 net surveys had been completed, while the survey for the media which stands 50% had just began. Due to the large number of survey forms, the survey company had to work overnights to clarify the results. The committee announced on 6 September the ranking of the artistes image satisfactory with Andy at number one.

Other than Andy on top of everyone in the list, Aaron Kwok, Jacky Cheung and Leon Lai were in the top 10. Many of these celebrities depend on their own acting and singing abilities, good moral to win the fans hearts. Take Andy for example, from Hong Kong's Most Popular Singer, Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actor to Outstanding Young Person, everybody's idol, heavenly king of commercials and many more, he's grabbing all the limelight and gathering his popularity. Most importantly, Andy also involved himself in many charity activities, his honors included Charity Ambassador, Conservation Ambassador, Paralympic Games Love Ambassador, Chinese Culture Ambassador, Hepatitis Prevention Ambassador and many more. Form what can be seen, Andy's ability to be on top of the list cannot be separated from his responsibility to the society and his caring heart.

Remembering the lyrics in one of Andy's song, it says: "One heart represent a pair of eyes, the world become more real, if you believe in yourself, when there's love there's tomorrow." Actually, all our artistes should be the same to show more love and concern, contribute more, more responsibility to the society, with these the "fame" will be the real review.

news from: Sina.com