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| Thursday, October 04, 2007

Andy Lau whom had just celebrated his 46th birthday was having a short break at the moment, he jet off to Harbin two days ago to continue his concert tour. Andy's concert would be held in the Hong Kong Coliseum from 21 December 2007 to 1 January 2008, currently advance booking is available for AIG credit cards holders, the most expensive tickets ranging between HK$480 and HK$300 of all shows were sold out within half a day, internal departments confirmed that they are amazed of the sales. Now Andy is having a headache of getting tickets for his parents and relatives as he almost get into a quarrel with his father on Mid-Autumn Festival.

Andy said: "I'm feeling complicated, delighted of the support for my concerts but there is not enough tickets for my friends and family members, I'm at a lost now, recently I refuse to answer the phone because when friends called me they're not asking for 10 or 8 tickets, it's 100 tickets, even 1,000 tickets, where can I find so many tickets? Even my father almost got angry with me, I told my father that I performed in my concert but not organized by me, I can't make any decision, I hope that Peter Lam would heard what I said and would give me more tickets! Better not cause quarrels in my home."

Of course there is also a huge requests for concert tickets from Andy World Club, Andy said: "I heard that they formed queuing teams and would go and queue for tickets two weeks before the first day of public sale, I was stunned, I told them not to get nervous but they won't listen to me. All the staff in my company is worried as they had been answering tons of phone calls and would get scolded when one could not get any tickets, they also thought of queuing up for me to buy tickets for my friends and family members."

On the concert's poster, Andy wore a shiny diamond ring that's worth a 6 figure amount, it has a design of the sponsor logo. Andy quipped: "For my age, I had never wore such a huge diamond ring, haha!"

news from: Apple Daily News, Oriental Daily News, Ming Pao