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| Monday, December 31, 2007

The Warlords which starred Andy Lau, Jet Li and Takeshi Kaneshiro opened in Taiwan's cinemas a few days ago, the box office takings in Taipei for a single day had broke the $5000,000 mark as it knocked down the original box office champion National Treasure: Book of Secrets from the number one spot and its box office takings also surpass American Gangster which opened on Friday night. With the good review of The Warlords, it had become the most talked about film in major BBS movies forums and it's box office takings could create new heights.

In recent years, many Mainland China directors had shot huge production historical films, however the results are less than satisfied, meanwhile The Warlords had an exciting trailer and a surprisingly huge cast, the film distributor also screened it on many screens, good reviews had been spreading before it opens in the cinemas, on it's opening night on Friday, it was almost sold out in major cinemas, The Warlords immediately become the talking point for film buffs.

The acting for the three male leads are praised, the story is also convincing for the audience, the discussion of the story of The Blood Brothers which really happen in history. Even local TV station telecast The Blood Brothers for audience to compare the new with the old.

The Warlords which had been doing well in the box office of Mainland China and Hong Kong, now it's doing well in its Taiwan premiere, it's forecast that during the New Year holidays, the box office takings will make a breakthrough.

news from: udn news