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| Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Two nights ago, Andy Lau spent New Year's Eve at the Hong Kong Coliseum, the audience's emotion was so high that they lost control and Andy was also at a lost as a male fan gave him a watch worth $200,000 as New Year present which he rejected his offer as he told him to donate it to help needy people in his Andy Lau Charity Fund.

It was Andy Lau Wonderful World 2007 11th night as Andy spent New Year Eve with millions of audience. For the night, there is a countdown segment thus the concert delayed its starting time to 9:30pm. Just by singing the opening song, the atmosphere of the audience had already raise, Andy said: "If you're not happy this year, I'll help to earn it back for you today." Before the half-time of the concert, the audience had already lost control as Andy shouted: "Can you all be quiet and listen to me, this is the Hong Kong coliseum, but it's going to change to a crazy house." On seeing no change in the audience, he quipped: "Okay! You won!" He also pointed out that he's unable to withstand such crazy situation thus he invited 2 Andoxs where one is white and the other is black to help him out and they duet 'Wu Jian Dao'. When they're on the stage, the white Andox lied on the floor to heighten the atmosphere and asked Andy which Andox he would rescue first, Andy quipped: "Being in this business for so long, I only knew that when you fall down, you have to pick yourself up!" The audience cheered.

Just 2 minutes before Andy does the countdown, he said out his new year wish, he said: "My wish is that everyone among the audience would be happy forever, I will be in the Hong Kong Coliseum for my concerts again very soon!" After saying this, he and his dancers then welcome 2008 with paper cannons to wish everyone happy new year and a great year ahead.

The fans also gave him champagne which he opened them to drink and run round the stage a few rounds while shouting "Happy New Year" before dashing toward the audience to hug them, however he was so happy that he lose his shoe when he runs which almost cause him to trip, luckily he stop in time before returning to the center of the stage to say: "Many thanks to the support and confidence that you had gave me this year!" He then bow to the audience with the dancers.

Andy exclaimed that he would not sing sorrow love song in the new year, then he sang a few happy songs. When singing, he interacted with the audience by shaking their hands, some female fans seize the chance to hug him and refuse to let go, some even gave him kisses. One even gave Andy her baby as Andy carried the baby to sing.

One male fan gave Andy a watch as present, looking at the watch as he asked: "How much is the watch? $200,000, I can't accept it, too expensive, I don't want, donate it to charity fund!" He then return the watch to the male fan. When female fan gave him handkerchief, he was so mischievous as he wipe the sweat off his chest before returning to the fan.

Around 12:10am, Andy then joked: "After playing for 2 years, not enough? Did you have any date with anyone, although I'm old, but I have not played enough! The beginning of the new year, everyone put down $50 and I'll sing for you." The concert finally ended at 12:40am, but many of the audience still refuse to go and shouted for encore for another 10 minutes, the crew members of the coliseum had to urge them to leave several times. There were also several audience gathered outside the coliseum where police and securities were asked to maintain order and disperse them, they also used public announcement that Andy had left 20 minutes ago and asked everyone to go home.

Several friends from showbiz came to support Andy, Hong Xian Nu specially came from Guangzhou, Sandra Ng, Lam Ka Tung, Margie Zeng, Fang Yi Hua and Liu Jia Chang.

Watch video uploaded to YouTube by a fan here

news from: Ming Pao, Apple Daily News, Wei Wen Po, udn news