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| Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Hong Kong top 10 box office charts was revealed by Hong Kong, Kowloon & New Territories Motion Picture Industry Association Limited yesterday. the Hong Kong produced box office champion is Andy Lau and Louis Koo's Protege, whereas Spiderman 3 is the box office champion for foreign films. In additional, Andy whom had 3 movies in the top 10 thus becoming the box office actor for 2007.

When comparing with the Hong Kong produced movies being screened in 2006, the number had dropped as a total of 50 movies were screened, which is 1 lesser than 2006, however good review and box office takings for several movies.

Taking the box office takings from 1 January to 30 December 2007, the number one box office champion for Hong Kong produced movie is Andy Lau, Louis Koo and Zhang Jingchu's Protege with a box office taking of more than $26000,000, followed by Jet Li, Andy Lau and Takeshi Kaneshiro The Warlords with a box office taking of $23000,000, the movie is still screening, followed in third is Jay Chou's Secrets as it collected more than $1400,000.

With regards to 3 of his movies made into the list and becoming the 2007 box office box office actor, his 3 movies collected a total of $61000,000. An excited Andy said: "I'm so happy to receive such a piece of good news on the last day of the year, hope there will be improvements in 2008, hope it's not me but for the whole Hong Kong film industry."

news from: SingTao News