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| Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Andy said: "To me, 2007 is an unforgettable year. I shot 2 movies in 2007 and experience snow, rainstorm, sandstorm and could not go home for long periods. Followed by my concert tour, rehearsing my singing and dance, train my stamina and life. After going through so many toughness, what past had past.... not need to recall or remember them."

"What's in stall for 2008? I'm not sure, for now I don't wish to do anything, I just want to fully enjoy the cheers that the audience gave me when I'm on the stage. Do well in my current concert. Many thanks to what was given to me, no matter it's rain, snow or sand in 2008, I will welcome it with smile. Wish that health will accompany everyone in 2008!"

"However 2008 is a special year, it's Beijing Olympic Games, the first Olympics Games held in China. The first for Chinese, I will specially take some time to witness the event, I even asked my friend to buy tickets for me. I just want to be a normal audience to watch and cheer for the sportsmen. What's my favorite sport? Diving, track and field, so sad that there is no bowling. Who I support? Liu Xiang! Hope he will break new world record and bring glory back to Chinese!"

news from: Wei Wen Po