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| Thursday, January 03, 2008

Recently, Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon revealed Andy Lau's Zhao Zilong dressed in white image, the image is refreshing and Andy himself is very satisfied. Director Peter Chan sing praise of Andy as he said he is the most handsome Zhao Zilong in history.

With regards to netizens question the old Zhao Zilong and gray armour, Andy said: "The movie used a narrative approach, it started from a old Zhao Zilong in his last battle, he narrate of his life in the army when young and all the classic battles that he went through." When talked about being blast for the gray amour, Andy expressed that what the netizens had saw what one of the multiple images of Zhao Zilong, because the handsome look of a young Zhao Zilong had leave a deep impression among all, thus when people saw a moustache Zhao Zilong will feel that it's unsuitable, actually a young Zhao Zilong was dressed in white gown and wear a silver armour, handsome and stylish. It would be difficult to project a historical figure to everybody's taste, believe there will be 100 different Zhao Zilong among 100 people, he could only do his best to act out a perfect Zhao Zilong.

Earlier, The Warlords director Peter Chan was interviewed by a Taiwanese radio station and he supported Andy's Zhao Zilong dressed in white image, he thinks that it's the most handsome period image of Andy, he said: "In the Warlords, I allow him to look dirty to the maximum, he put on some weight for the role in order to accommodate Zhao Er Hu's moustache. Finally Andy get what he deserved as in Daniel Lee's Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, the young Zhao Zilong is really handsome to the maximum!"

news from: Sina.com